08.17.2017 Search Brigade

Made in America - The 2017 Search Brigade Film

The Search Brigade is a cross-country cycling odyssey open to anyone with the courage to follow Search and State on the back roads of the United States. On June 1st, 2017 we left New York City on a mission to discover what 'Made in America' truly means. 38 days and 3,594 miles later we arrived in Santa Monica with an answer.

We salute the riders who were the heart and soul of the Search Brigade this year and made it for the long haul: Alexander Kloster-Jensen, Ben Mcnamara, Casey Dooley, Chris Buonomo, and Tim Wright.

The Search Brigade would also not be possible without the expert planning and guidance of our ride leaders.  Thank you: Joe Cruz, Tanner Culbreath, Eric Brunt, and Zach Dolinaj.

If you'd like to find out what 'Made in America' means, join us in 2018 and discover the answer for yourself.  Signup for our email list for announcements and updates here.