10.17.2016 Search Brigade

Search Brigade - The Northern Search 11/3/16

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The Northern Search - Duluth, MN to Thunder Bay, ON

The cross-country Search Brigade will return in the summer of 2017 as our hallmark initiative of the summer. The Search Brigade, as a concept, is expanding and we are proud to announce a series of one day events, Search L.A. & The Northern Search

The Search Brigade is our answer and approach to organized rides and individual events will vary greatly in their distance, terrain covered, and size. Search Brigade events will also take place all around the world, anchored by the June-August Search Brigade Out & Back cross country ride in the United States. The following principles however will apply to every Search Brigade regardless of their location, distance, or timing:

The Search Brigade is hard

For most, events will test the physical (and mechanical) limits of what's possible on a bicycle.

The Search Brigade is free and open to all

Some events may have a cap on total number of participants for logistical reasons.

The Search Brigade is entirely self supported

This means, you, your bike, your food, and your shelter. Search and State provides a great deal of planning, ride leaders, transportation, lodging and logistical support that varies by event.

The Search Brigade embraces the unknown and discovery

We will encounter unplanned challenges and diversions (this really is the whole point).

Event: The Northern Search

Date: November 2-4, 2016. We will complete the ride entirely on November 3rd. November 2nd and 4th are planned travel days.

Location: Meeting November 2nd at 6PM at Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar - 4208 S 28th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406 returning Friday November 4th.

Distance: 190 miles, 8,419 ft of elevation gain (estimated 13-15 hours of ride time)

Leader: Parker Roenfanz

Registration: Space is extremely limited if you wish to travel in our vehicle - if you are willing to arrange your own transportation to Duluth and back from Thunder Bay you are welcome to join us and we will not limit participation. You must register by emailing searchbrigade@searchandstate.com - you can also reach out to us with any questions.

The Northern Search will navigate 190 miles of the North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth, MN to Thunder Bay, ON. The route is entirely paved and features some of Minnesota's most beautiful scenery. The challenges of this ride, aside from riding 190 miles in one day, will vary greatly depending on weather, wind, and temperature. If a cold front is moving through we will be attacking it head on in what would inevitably be a very cold, windy and wet day on the bike.

Equipment Recommendations: While you can ride any bike you're comfortable with and dress however you please we strongly recommend and may require the following:

- Passport - we will cross into Canada and a valid passport is required

- Road tires* this recommendation will be weather dependant and the possibility of snow and ice requiring suitable studs/tread is real and likely

- Road gearing & drop bars - we will maintain a steady endurance pace of 15-18 mph and attempt to ride as a group

- Clothing suitable for cold, rain, and sudden changes in weather - true 'winter' riding essentials like boots/shoe covers, shell jacket & layers, gloves, hat, etc.

- The ability to carry enough food & water between re-supply opportunities up to 50 miles apart

- The equipment and ability to fix multiple flats and deal with mechanicals

The Northern Search is not a race. You can ride however fast or slow as you wish and there is no time limit. There is also no support and no one will be there to help should things not go as planned. This event is designed to be a discovery of yourself and your limits. If you are unsure of your ability it's possible that this ride is not for you. Have fun, be smart, and we look forward to seeing you on November 3rd.

Email searchbrigade@searchandstate.com to register