09.29.2016 Search Brigade

Search Brigade Film - Out and Back Across America

Over the course of 91 days during the summer of 2016 we embarked on an initiative unlike any other the cycling world has ever seen. This is the story of the inagural Search Brigade.

There is no road more entwined with the American consciousness than the road west. Regardless of the direction you're headed, a cross-country road trip is perhaps the quintessential American experience. It's a dominant theme of our history, our art, our literature, and commands a palpable presence in our collective imagination. The Road poses the important questions and can always be relied upon for a truthful answer. The Search Brigade was founded to celebrate The Road and to provide an opportunity for those waiting for the right moment to embark on a journey such as this. We invite you to join us next year and to take part in the most iconic of all American road trips, crossing the United States by bicycle. The Search Brigade will return in 2017.