Search Statement - Sarah Rosenwinkel

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Late in 2015 we launched a platform for collaboration and action, The Search Statement.  The challenge was simple,

The Search Statement is a campaign to find your best ideas, and help make them a reality through financial or logistical support.  What are you searching for?  How far will you go to find it?

Sarah Rosenwinkel answered the call with a project involving a long distance solo ride and sharing experiences with her class by sending handwritten letters from the road.  Sarah teaches special education in Chicago.  Every element of her project aligned with our vision and values and she asked for nothing more than a platform to share her story.

You'll have to dig in and read them yourself, in their original form, to appreciate and understand the project fully.  We love that she signed every letter, "Ride & Read On".  Here are a few of our other favorite excerpts:

June 27 

I hope I can inspire some of you to accomplish big things that you've always wanted to.  It certainly IS possible.

July 1

How does sunscreen work?

July 3

Anyone can ride a bicycle across the country.

July 11

I challenge you to go out & explore & learn about others & examine the universe from a different perspective.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from meeting others and learning about unique ways of life.

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