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10 Questions With Eric Brunt

Riding Up White Mountain In The Inyo National Forest 43

1. It has been said that you ride very hard, very far, very fast. What is your secret for being able to do that?

Eric: Because when I'm not riding, I'm on the couch watching 90's Action movies.

2. True or False: When touring....it is cooler to be packed lighter than everyone else?

Eric: I'm just lazy & always pack last minute. But yes I'm cooler than everyone else.

3. If on a bike tour and you have the lightest pack....would that be an advantage or a disadvantage if a tornado were to blow across the group? Please explain your answer?

Eric: I think you need to rewatch the thrilling 1996 film, Twister starring Helen Hunt & the great Bill Paxton to find that answer.

4. How did you choose the route for Search Brigade LA?

Eric: Thats's easy, I just pieced together like 3 or 4 normal routes into one giant mother fucker of a ride. 

5. Will Search Brigade LA be an ass-kicker of a route?

Eric: It would have been worse had the Sand Fire not closed Mendenhall Ridge Road, my favorite dirt road in the Angeles Forest. It will hurt, a lot.

6. Are you afraid that someone faster than you will show up to Search Brigade LA and leave you in the dust to cry like a baby?

Eric: I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

7. Any words of wisdom for the brave souls joining you on Search Brigade LA? 

Eric: Well, an injury has taken me off the bike. They will all suffer without me. Life is cruel.

8. Let's talk about Spirit Animals for a minute. Which spirit animal most closely relates to your riding style? And, which spirit animal most closely relates to your regular life off the bike?

Eric: Patrick Swayze as Dalton in Roadhouse on and off the bike.

9. Which ring is the sexiest ring: The big ring, the small ring, or a nipple ring? Please explain.

Eric: I think the sexiest ring is my wife's engagement ring. 

10. Are you familiar with the following phrase? "You are going to get Brunted." Could you take a stab at what that might mean? And is that going to happen on any of your rides? 

Eric: Let me clear this up, Natalie is the only one who has been "Brunted"

11. (Because this one goes to 11): On a scale of 1-11, how sweet is that sweet Speedvagen bike you ride?

Eric: It's just a bike that is gold, But yes it's flippin' sweet.

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