Introducing the 2016 Search Statement Partners

Search statement portrait

We reached out a few months ago asking for your ideas, goals, and aspirations in the form of a Search Statement. In exchange for your effort, you had the opportunity to be selected and supported to make those ideas a reality. The number of submissions we received was humbling as was the quality and depth to every single one of them. Our initial intention was to pick one project, see it through, and share the journey with everyone along the way. We ended up picking three projects and we can't wait to get rolling.

Without any further preamble, we'd like to introduce the first class of Search Statement partners.

Kellen Hassell

Kellen has a three-year-old son, Luc, with a rare condition called Angelman's Syndrome. Kellen is going to ride his bike from his home in Miami to the country's best Angelman's research facility at UNC to promote Angelman's research. Like many of us, cycling has been Kellen's personal outlet to remain energized and strong while dealing with the demands of being a husband, father, and raising a son with Angelman's Syndrome. Kellen said it this way, "my hope is to turn something (cycling) that has given me happiness & strength in times of despair into something that can attempt to give back to the Angleman community at some small level." With his ride he hopes to bring some of the expertise on Angleman's Syndrome that exists at UNC to his community in Florida. We're inspired by Kellen's love and commitment to his family, his passion cycling, and his proactive approach to fighting for his son.

Richard Evanson

Richard is on a mission: To build the perfect bicycle and then ride the hell out of it just to demonstrate, as he puts it, 'how fantastic the bicycle is'. Nothing more, nothing less, and we're into it. After reading his Statement we decided that we'd love to live vicariously through his travels and have a front row seat to his adventures. We're going to be sharing every aspect of his project from welding the his dream bike together to rambling his way all around Europe for the next year. His yearlong journey will culminate at the Bespoked hand built show where he will display his thoroughly thrashed bike and Search and State gear.

Erik Hedberg

Erik is a photographer, cyclist, adventurer, and snowboarder. Erik wants to advocate for and build awareness for wild spaces through art. His dream is to create an installation that will juxtapose the beauty of the natural world against the urban landscape in a way that brings natural beauty to those who don't get a first hand experience frequently. In his words, Erik aims to 'capture the raw aesthetics of the most beautiful places on earth'. We are working with Erik to select a location and timeline for installation which we'll share before the end of the year.

The Search Statement campaign is a major platform for us in 2016 and beyond. We plan on building momentum, reviewing new submissions, and taking new partners on an ongoing basis. You can submit your own Search Statement at blog.searchandstate.com/statement anytime.