10.27.2015 Design

An Arm Warming Story (The Arm-Warmer Revelation)

S1 Armwarmer

It's easy to go with the flow. More often than not it's actually the easiest way to go. It even sounds cool: "Go with the flow, Bro!" You just let the current take you. It's a little tougher to take a step back and see where the flow is actually going and then take a stand and go your own way. We think the reward is well-worth the risk.

Our arm-warmer revelation came after years of wearing warmers that were becoming increasingly heavy and high-tech. The flow was just going that way: More, more, more! When we stood back for a minute before making ours, the simple fact kept coming up that an arm-warmer is intended to be an extension of the jersey and removable once conditions warrant it. But for some reason in the past when our thin, mesh-like jerseys came to an end at the bicep.....these constricting, bullet-proof, often thermal, beastly arm-warmers would begin. It was a simple paradox sitting right there on our arms, plain as day to see. "Too much warmer!" our arms cried out. It was clear that 1 + 1 was not equaling two. Of all the places on the upper body that need more warmth than others, it's not the elbow and the forearm. Personally we find cold-nipples to be a much bigger problem than cold elbows. But, that's just us.

With all of this in mind we set out to find a light enough fabric that would match the weight of most jerseys and still be durable enough to last. That actually wasn't that hard to do. It was really just a matter of believing that it was the right fabric for the function. What we found was that it was the right call, and with the lighter-weight you could actually roll them up and stow them away much better than anything else we had tried before. If you take a minute to fold and compress our warmers they almost disappear in a jersey pocket. We had ridden too many miles over the years with balled-up heavy warmers in our pockets that made our lower backs look and feel pregnant. We had come to the conclusion that we had made the right fabric choice and decided that if you actually really needed a warmer that was much heavier, it was probably time to call a spade a spade and put on a jacket. Click over to our S1J-Riding Jacket upon completion of this article for a proper solution for that step.

But how do you know your decision to swim against the tide was the right one? You know when people write to you all the time and tell you that someone finally got the arm-warmer right. We believe our warmers fall into the bucket of technical-luxury, bridging the gap between form and function, or bridging the gap between jersey and warmer, or you lower arm and your upper-arm. Call them what you will. Maybe it's all just technical talk for "we make really nice warmers that people love."