06.11.2014 Community

NYC TO GSC | Crossing the Missouri River

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As Joseph Holway neared the Missouri River our desire to meet him out on the road grew stronger. It had been just over a week since we parted ways west of Manhattan and Joseph had ridden more than most of us do in a year. We traveled to St. Joseph, MO, the birthplace of the Pony Express, in hopes of intercepting Joseph before he crossed the Missouri River and officially into the west.

When we found Joseph, he had adapted to the heat and humidity of the midwest and taken to riding late into the evening and sleeping during the day. He was still having fun despite the loneliness on the road. Denver is the next big milestone after crossing Kansas and he is likely arriving there today. The promise of friends and riding partners keeps him going after all these miles.

See you at Golden Saddle on July 1st for Joseph's arrival.

Read more at Joseph's Blog and on Instagram using #nyctogsc